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An ongoing series on pest management

Bug Populations Are Expected to Explode This Spring      Good Housekeeping

April 18, 2018

Our Pest Control Services

April 24, 2020

Pest control services can provide you and your family with peace of mind knowing that insects that can breed diseases are being kept at bay. Quarterly pest control services provided by Veritas! Pest Management includes a thorough interior/exterior treatment for the initial visit; including taking switch plates off of the walls and placing insecticidal dust in the wall voids, baiting the plumbing, and a good exterior treatment with a non-repellant. We do not spray baseboards as the pests do not live on our side of the baseboard, but instead they harbor in the walls and most are exterior insects that come inside. Spraying baseboards unnecessarily exposes people, family and pets to chemicals they do not need to be exposed to and it is also ineffective in getting at the root of the pest issue. We utilize a non-repellant on the outside of the home as the pests go through the insecticide, get exposed, die and also transfer the chemical to others in their colony without even knowing the chemical is there. Once the interior is completed, the service is a quarterly exterior service. If however, the homeowner or renter has any issue on the inside between services, we will return without additional cost to re-treat those areas of concern. We treat all types of ants. We also treat roaches of all types, spiders, silverfish and occasional invaders. Give us a call to give you a free estimate and to discuss our other services as well.

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